Hybrid PV Systems    
A Hybrid PV System remains connected to the utility and has a number of batteries to get you through the night. The advantage of this system is that it needs fewer batteries than with an Off Grid PV system (No back-up of the utility). With a Hybrid PV System you stay connected to the utility so you always have a back-up. If you cannot generate enough energy during cloudy days, the system ensures that the utility automatically kicks in. In this way you always have enough electricity even on cloudy days and during the night without the requirement for a lot of batteries. Batteries are an expensive component of a PV System. This solution minimizes the number of required batteries.   hybrid 01
During Daylight with black out of the utility company    
When during the day the utility company has a black and your PV modules do not produce enough electricity, for example because of a verry clouded day, the system will automatically switch to the backup facility of the batteries. So you still can use your electrical appliances during the black out of the utility company.   hybrid 02
During Daylight when batteries fully charged    
When during the day the batteries are fully charged the surplus of produced electricity will be feed back into the grid. This produced energy will be available for free when you need it. For example during a night when your batteries don't supply enough energy for the demand of that moment.    hybrid 03
During the Night    
During the night you use the electricity that is produced during the day by your PV Modules. This energy is stored in your batteries. With this sollution you use energy that is produced for free during the day. If for some reason you need more electricuty during the night the system will automatically kick in the grid.    hybrid 04
During the Night    
During the night (and daylight) the grid can also be used to charge your batteries. For example your batteries are not fully charged because of some claoudy days and you want the to be fully charged just in case the utility company goes off-line    hybrid 05


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