Advanced Training    

Take a deep dive into photo voltaic knowledge as well as other best practices that pertain to designing safe and efficient PV systems. This training focuses on residential and commercial-scale systems,  design parameters, and best practices are applicable to all types and sizes of PV installations, including utility-scale.

Detailed lessons address requirements for disconnects, overcurrent protection, and wire sizing; interconnection requirements and calculations; grounding, ground-faults, and surge protection; calculations for system sizing, inverter selection, and electrical configuration; ground and roof mount details; and commissioning and performance analysis procedures. 

  advanced training 01
Main Topics:    
Calculate PV module voltage based on temperature   advanced training 02 
Describe and identify single-phase, split-phase and three-phase  
Calculate minimum overcurrent protection device  
Calculate voltage drop, verify system operation within limits  
Examine methods for PV wire management   advanced training 03
Define inverter grounding configurations  
Identify common causes of ground-faults and arc-faults  
Examine requirements for PV system labeling  
Calculate the allowed number of modules per PV source circuit   advanced training 04
Knowledge about how to apply the PLN regulations. SPLN 2015  
How to apply PLN Permen ESDM Nomor 49 Tahun 2018  
Testing the system  
Duration: 2 Days    
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