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We at Suryatek believe education is important to make photovoltaics successful in Indonesia. Indonesia's local energy situation and its location makes it is very suitable for solar power. Electricity in Indonesia is not as obvious as in most Western countries. Millions of Indonesians are not connected to the grid. In many remote areas without utility facilities electricity is generated by diesel generators. A very environmentally unfriendly and expensive way of generating electricity.


The price of electricity for households in Indonesia has increased over the last years for about 70%. It's predicted that this price increase will continue in the coming years. Solar energy is becoming more affordable and the payback period of the investment has become more short due to the fact of the continuing increase of the price of electricity in Indonesia. 

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The Indonesian Government has innitiated many projects to get the electricity ratio on 100% in 2024. The acchieve this goal 1,422 GW needs to be installed. See the picture for the PLN development agenda for the upcoming years.    academy general 01
This growing market asks for skilled employees. PV Systems needs to be designed, marketed, installed, maintained. In all these area's highly skilled people are needed. It's estimated that every installed GWp of solar power creates 10 to 20 direct jobs.    academy general 03
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