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  1. Hukseflux SR05-D1A3-PV pyranometer 

    SR05 series is the most affordable range of pyranometers meeting ISO 9060 requirements. These sensors are ideal for general solar radiation measurements and popular for monitoring PV systems. Model SR05-D1A3–PV is made as a perfect alternative to PV reference cells. It offers the same Modbus interface as the most common PV reference cell model for easy compatibility. Relative to PV reference cells, SR05-D1A3-PV has the advantage of higher stability, independence of the PV cell type or anti-reflection coating, and better availability and price of recalibration. 

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  2. Hukseflux SR05-D1A3-PVSR22 pyranometer 

    SR22 is a solar radiation sensor of the highest category in the ISO 9060 classification system: secondary standard. On top of the features and benefits of the successful SR20 pyranometer, SR22 has domes made of high-quality quartz, resulting in an extended spectral range. Covering the full solar spectrum, SR22’s extended spectral range potentially offers lower measurement- and calibration uncertainties compared to pyranometers with glass domes. SR22 is typically used in high-accuracy climatological networks.

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