1. High-performance Lithium technology for maximum safety 

    The Fronius Solar Battery is a perfect example of high-performance Lithium iron phosphate technology. A Long service life, short charging times and high depth of discharge are therefore guaranteed. The result: Maximum self-consumption and maximum independence.

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    12V                                 24V                                48V                                   

    LiFePO4 12V 20Ah

    LiFePO4 24V 25Ah

    LiFePO4 48V       45Ah

    LiFePO4 12V 25Ah

    LiFePO4 24V 27Ah

    LiFePO4 48V 50Ah

    LiFePO4 12V 30Ah

    LiFePO4 24V 30Ah

    LiFePO4 48V 100Ah

    LiFePO4 12V 35Ah

    LiFePO4 24V 35Ah


    LiFePO4 12V 40Ah

    LiFePO4 24V 40Ah


    LiFePO4 12V 50Ah

    LiFePO4 24V 50Ah


    LiFePO4 12V 60Ah

    LiFePO4 24V 60Ah


    LiFePO4 12V 65Ah

    LiFePO4 24V 70Ah


    LiFePO4 12V 75Ah


    LiFePO4 12V 100Ah


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  3. ICAL batteries are perfect for solar and wind power applications that are used in places far from the electricity network or where there are already electricity networks as a way to save electricity. It can also be used for UPS or "silent generator" which is often used for offices.


    Available types:


    • 12V 50Ah
    • 12V 65Ah
    • 12V 75Ah
    • 12V 80Ah
    • 12V 100Ah
    • 12V 120Ah
    • 12V 150Ah
    • 12V 200Ah  


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  4. The OPzV battery is based on tubular plate technology and electrolyte thickening into a gel developed according to German standards. The battery sealing construction is made so that the OPzV ICAL battery is maintenance free (maintenace free battery). This battery is also a VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) battery that has a valve (valve) to regulate evaporation on the battery.

    Available types:


    • 2V 500Ah
    • 2V 600Ah
    • 2V 800Ah
    • 2V 1000Ah (Most of the time Ready Stock)
    • 2V 1200Ah
    • 2V 1500Ah
    • 2V 1800Ah
    • 2V 2000Ah


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  5. Until further notice we do not supply Sonnenschein

    We provide all Energy Storage Solutions from Sonnenschein

    German Brand, German quality


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