On Grid PV Systems   
If you install an On Grid PV System you stay connected to the utility for the supply of electricity.
The PV system generates electricity during the day which can be used directly for an air conditioner, a computer, a television or any other electrical equipment.
You can install a system that meets your consumption during daylight. If for some special reason you need extra electricity power the grid automatically kicks in. We call this Self Consuming.
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During the night your PV modules don't produce electricity because the sun is not around. An On Grid PV System has no ability to store electricity so during the night you take electricity from the utility company.

You can start by installing a small capacity system if you want. For example to reduce your electricity bill with 25%. Later on you can always expend your PV System capacity. Your previous investment is protected. You can easily expend your PV System by adding PV Modules and an inverter.
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When the utility drops out your Grid Tied PV System will switch off automatically. This is done because of safety regulations. Because your system is connected to the grid it will give the grid electrical voltage. This is dangerous for the maintenance people of the utility.


If you want to have the convience of power supply even if the utility is dropped out a Hybrid PV System is the solution. For more info on Hybrid PV Systems click here.

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