Off Grid PV Systems   
In case you have no access to the grid of the utility company you can install an Off Grid PV System. This system produces enough electricity during the day to provide 24 hours of your energy needs. 
During the day the surplus of the generated electricity is stored in batteries. In the night this stored electricity is used for your energy needs. With an Off Grid System you are completely independent of the utility company.
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When designing such a system it’s very important to look properly at the equipment present that define the total consumption. After all, you have no utility connection as back-up.  The batteries help you surviving these cloudy days. 
It’s also necessary to take into account that we will have to deal with cloudy days. On cloudy days the PV modules continue to produce electricity but to a lesser extent.
SuryaTek has the knowledge to design such systems so that it is clear what capacity batteries you need and how many PV modules so you do not get caught without electricity. Not even during cloudy days.
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