3000 Watt Hybrid PV System Yogyakarta Java                                                                                      


PT SuryaTek took care of all document necesary to get approval and permission of the PLN to install the PPV System



One of these documents is the so called SLD, Single Line Diagram


  Installation of the aluminium mounting system. Special rooftile roofhooks are used to make sure the construction is strong and will nog damage the roof.    hybridjogya02
  In total 12 PV Modules are being installed. Each module is 260 Watt. Total capacity PV System 3,120 Watt.    hybridjogya03
  Installing  the batteries. 4 pieces in total of VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Accid) 12Volt 200Ah. Total capacity battery bank 9.6 kWh    hybridjogya04
  Micro Circuit Breakers (MCB) and Surge Protection Devices (SPD) to make the installation a save installation    hybridjogya05
  Design of the combiner box in whick all wiring comes toogether. PV Strings, battery bank, load and grid. Everything desiged including MCB's and SPD's to make it as safe as possible. This is how we prepare all our projects.     hybridjogya06
  The inverter room completely installed. Inverter, combiner safety box and battery bank.    hybridjogya08
  The System is connected to the Internet Portal. Employers of Indo Rumah Zengarden can monitor the PV System on their laptops and smartphones everywhere in the world    hybridjogya09
  Totall installes 12 PV modules of 260 Watt each. A battery bank of 9.6 kWh. The hybrid system switched automaticallly to the power of the batterybank in case of a PLN dropout.     hybridjogya10
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