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We at SuryaTek are committed to offer you the best price and quality for your business. We have years of experience in importing PV Components. Our network expands from Asia to Europe and beyond. You will be surprised how we find the best prices for the components requested.                            Price Ratio
Our network around the globe gives us many possibilities to import components. The prices can vary in bandwidth up to 20..30%. that’s why we don’t mention prices on our website. Once you contacted us and let us know what your looking for we will  check out our network to see where on that moment we can make the best deal for you. So please contact us for your best offer.  
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We are looking for long term relationships with our clients so service and good after sales is important for us to maintain our relationships. All our clients are loyal to us because they know we deliver what we promise. Via our customer support well help our clients with technical issue’s also after once the purchase has been done.                After Sales
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SuryaTek offers a wide range of products and services. As a reseller of PV components we support all the well-known brands in the world when it comes to PV business. Besides the well-known brands we also selected, based on our experience, alternatives for the German and American brands. Brands produced in China under German TUV quality standards.     One STop
Besides PV components we also offer complete PV Systems for residential and commercial projects. We have the knowledge and experience to design complete PV Systems adapted and customized based on your wishes and private situation.   
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