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An On Grid PV System that produces a surplus of electricity during the day and feeds it back into the grid of the utility company against a deposit is called netmetering. 
The utility grid is used as a storage facility. By doing so you don't need expensive batteries. The excess of electricity that is produced during the day is stored in the utility grid. It gives you a credit. 
The utility charges you 35% of the exported excess of electricity because you use their grid as storage. In this example the daily production of the PV System is 20 kWh. The average consumption during the day is 10 kWh. 10 kWh is exported to the utility grid. That gives you a credit of 6.5 kWh that can be used and will not be billed.
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During the night you consume your credit to power for example your TV and air conditioner. With this solution you use the grid of the utility company as storage and you don’t need to invest in expensive batteries. 
There is a minimum charge from the PLN and a maximum for the compensation. SuryaTek can help you to desgn the right system for you. We do that based on the PLN regulations and your consumption.
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When the utility drops out your Grid Tied Netmetering PV System will switch off automatically. This is done because of safety regulations. Because your system is connected to the grid it will give the grid electrical voltage. This is dangerous for the maintenance people of the utility.
If you want to have the convience of power supply even if the utility is dropped out a Hybrid PV System is the solution. For more info on Hybrid PV Systems click here.
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