ICAL OPzV Battery

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The OPzV battery is based on tubular plate technology and electrolyte thickening into a gel developed according to German standards. The battery sealing construction is made so that the OPzV ICAL battery is maintenance free (maintenace free battery). This battery is also a VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) battery that has a valve (valve) to regulate evaporation on the battery.

The positive tubular plate on the pole makes the OPzV ICAL battery offer a high usage cycle rate of up to 80%. Electrolytes on OPzV ICAL batteries are a mixture of gel and silica so that these batteries can be positioned horizontally and not spilled. OPzV batteries are optimal for applications in high-discharge sectors for example in solar power generation systems (PLTS), Communal PLTS, Centralized PLTS, Scattered PLTS and for continuous use operations such as in telecommunications applications.


Available types:


  • 2V 500Ah
  • 2V 600Ah
  • 2V 800Ah
  • 2V 1000Ah (Most of the time Ready Stock)
  • 2V 1200Ah
  • 2V 1500Ah
  • 2V 1800Ah
  • 2V 2000Ah 


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